Freelancing Trainer

Specifications for the above mentioned post are enlisted below:


  • Non-Technical Trainer.
  • Technical Trainer.
  • Graphics Designing Trainer



  • Intermediate / Bachelor Degree


  • 1 year experience in freelancing / online work
  • Good teaching and communication skills
  • Past experience in freelancing training / E-commerce / Blogging will be preferred

Key Responsibilities

  • Teaching and providing freelancing training to the trainees
  • Coordination with core team and training managers
  • Support in screening of participants relevant to the training program
  • Interview participants for the training and make selection
  • Deliver the training timely and effectively
  • Design and set up a monitoring and follow up mechanism to ensure trainees access on-line work opportunities after graduation
  • Monitor the progress of the trainees and provide effective feedback
  • Develop a detailed presentation in the form of a report to be sent to Management Team every 3 months
  • Perform other duties as assigned and required
  • Freelancing trainer will come on part time basis to deliver training for 10 to 20 hours per week